Star Wars: The Clone Wars gets animated

I have always been a fan of the star wars filmography since i was a kid. Now with the release of Clone Wars Lucas tells a story in the star wars universe through animation. The movie is set in the years between Episdoe II and Episdode III during the clone wars.When i first saw this trailer i didnt believe it would be succesful and wasn't really impressed with the graphics. I was a big fan of the the clone wars television series in 2003 which had very appealing designs and traditional animation as it won an Emmy award. When i watched the trailer a second time i realized that the designs have been kept the same as the original clone wars television's series and lets say, a little more impressed. Though i would have liked to see a 2d or traditional animated clone wars from Lucas i am still very excited to see this in theaters August 15 2008. Though the television series had great success it will return as the movies ending leads directly into a new animated television series debuting this fall.


Julie Lee said...

um but nikky.. it's clone wars ..>:o( post up something i'd like :p behhhh~

agnes said...

Ha ha! for a sec there i thought it was Jar Jar Binks in that poster and i laughee, cause i know how many people dislike him.

Heey, looking forward to more tv series! More work for us ;D

Anonymous said...

hey nick-
hope you're having a good summer. keep up the good work, i can see you improvement without a doubt

The New Animation Nick said...

Hmmm. . . I'm really not very confident in this movie and series. I have to say that what I've seen of it so far has been somewhat displeasing. I'm hoping that I am wrong, as I (as a general rule) love all things Star Wars.