Something New

Something new to me, being female characters and animal characters interacting.


Lee said...

yo, you're really getting a nice style going. I like it (still has an atlantis feel you know =) )

I noticed on this one, the lighting is coming from the right but the cast shadow is toward the bottom. You know what I mean.

anyways, yeah things are pretty boring over here. Nothing much going on, although you'd better practice your ass off before next year. Things are going to be crazy 2nd year man.

- said...
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Scott said...

Thats pretty epic nik, kinda makes me want to ride a panther, lol

sick style, paintings improving so much keep it up cant wait for the next one!

Ryu 62 said...

LOL awesome stuff man. You got an amazing style going keep it up dude!

Julie Lee said...

and by the way, i love this one nikky :D im very proud of u. great work!